Making Love with Life

 Full-body-Energy-Ecstasy and Healing - Workshop for Women


Friday 3/ Sat 4 /Sun 5 July 2020

 at Inner Space, Newlyn


Do you wish for more vitality ?

Do you want to benefit from your sexual energy as a way of supporting your body and energy system in healing.

What is in your way to live in a physical and emotional state of bliss ?

Are you looking for sexual healing ?

We will be working with sexual energy to enhance awareness and aliveness in the body. 

All practises can be done fully clothed.


In the safe space of a small group we will be working with breath, movement and visualisation practises that gently open the energy channels of the body. We will experiment with sensing, holding and distributing of sexual energy, carefully releasing any blockages we might come across. 

As in a meditation, we practice to return to presence again and again in order to maintain a state of well-being.

There are exercises which - when the body is open - can lead to "full-body energy orgasm" or "full-body energy ecstasy" or support you on your way there. All exercises can be done - if you choose to - fully clothed, by yourself and without any touch.


In full-body energy-ectasy/ or energy-orgasm, the whole body is in a state of slight vibration. There may be waves of pleasure and/or a greatly increased body awareness. Creating an energetic opening for more presence and aliveness, also improving your sexual experience in your relationships. 

When we open these energy channels, we may come across issues and emotions being held in the body and energy bodies. There will be space for everything that comes up and needs attention, dealing with shame, out-of-date-patterns and unhealthy relationship–hooks, inviting more vitality and self-power.


In a powerful cleansing ceremony we will be releasing old energy from past (and present) sexual relationships.

The completion will be a physical meditation with the sacred space of our Yoni in the form of a Yoni- Steam. Please bring a long wide skirt to wear in this last practise.


"All acts of love and pleasure are rituals of the Goddess. If you do not seek Goddess within yourself, you will not find her outside" ( „The Charge of the Goddess“)


Super Early Bird £ 125 until 30 May

Early Bird £ 135 until 21 June

Full Price after 21 June and if there is still space: £ 150

Max 10 participants


Booking: Contact Claudia





Workshop at the Goddess Conference 2020 in Glastonbury:



Connecting with Earth Mother and Her Elemental Beings through Healing Sound


Explore how to enhance your meditation practise, your connection with Goddess, spirit guides and the elemental beings through live played music and sound, both actively and receptively.

The elemental beings are easily attracted by sound. They love to dance and have fun. They can also support healing processes. We may see them in certain forms or we may sense their presence.


We will ride on sound to meet them, exploring using movement and dance or meditation to do so. We will journey on sound to meet Earth Mother Goddess. We will actively be experimenting with our voices and with various musical instruments, that are very easy to play, without requiring any previous musical knowledge or experience.


A variety of musical instruments will be provided for the workshop. You are also very welcome to bring your own drum, rattle, singing bowl … and to use the instrument of your voice and body to attract new qualities that you want into your life.

Music is known to have been used for spiritual practises such as journeying, soul retrieval, sound healing, adoration... Sound creating a sacred space of deep relaxation or trance, influencing brain waves to support self healing power and enhancing sensation and aliveness of your physical and emotional body.


Find out how to use some of this knowledge for your own spiritual practises.



Contact Claudia


07933 804264